Artist Recording Label
Damon Short All of the Above Southport Records
Chicago Coalition Old Dream Nuto
Damon Short Removable Media Southport Records
Damon Short Third Prize Depth Perception
Damon Short Airplay Depth Perception
Damon Short Go Figure 9 Winds
Damon Short No Stock Options 9 Winds
Jeff Stitely Chameleon Eyes Brighton Records
Jeff Stitely All Things Equal Lake Shore Jazz
Jeff Stitely Ennead Premonition Records
Kelly Brand A Dream in a Stone Koch Records
Bob Dogan Salishan Big Foot Jazz
Rudresh Mahanthappa Yatra RM Records
Karl Montzka Spot in the Circle Zamknot Records
Paul Hartsaw Circuitses Metastablesound 015
Crawl Crawl Crawl 001
Ryan Shultz Quintet Hair Dryers Origin 82673